Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory

Philosopher’s stone provides advisory services around Merger and Acquisition transactions, financial restructurings, raising capital, and forensic investigations. We also provide business modelling and valuations.

Financial Advisory Services

Transform Your Business With Our Expert Financial Advice

We understand issues and challenges faced by our clients and the business environment they operate in. We provide customised solutions based on a careful analysis of our client needs, culture and organisational processes.

In today’s volatile economic and competitive environment, nurturing, growing and sustaining a business is challenge. Companies are looking for expert professional financial advice, particularly to help transform business.

We Very Well Address Questions Like:

What is the firm’s organic as well as inorganic strategy? How well is it being executed? What is the best, fastest and economic route for fund raising, how does one value a company, its operating business and assets including intangible assets? How can businesses deal with emerging risks?